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Convenient onsite RT-PCR and Rapid COVID-19 testing

Medlab Professionals are proud to offer convenient onsite RT-PCR and Rapid COVID-19 testing for all our clients across the United States.

Our primary sites are based in Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, and NW Indiana. We have hubs across the United States from Nevada to Georgia.

MP’s mission has been the same since the inception of the pandemic to provide critical and timely COVID-19 testing services to everyone in need even if it means crossing state lines.

MP can work with your organization to implement an onsite testing solution that will accommodate most schedules while instituting flexibility and alleviating the need to leave work or schedule an appointment. Having the convenience of testing onsite also minimizes the decrease of work productivity.

MP offers a non-invasive approach to PCR COVID-19 testing. Our process involves a gentle mouth swab of the left and right sides of the cheek and underneath the tongue to collect saliva. The saliva specimen is marked, sealed, and immediately transported to our lab for testing. The results can be expected within 24-48 hours. PCR testing has the industry’s highest accuracy rate when it comes to the early detection of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus Disease).

Our Staff

Medlab Professionals as the name suggest is comprised of over 35 years of professionalism and experience in the field of patient care, infectious disease, biohazardous materials, customer service, and marketing.

All staff are HIPAA certified and go through a background check before reaching the front lines. Additionally, each staff member is required to complete an extensive number of hours of classroom and hands-on training before being released to the field.

Medlab Professionals is licensed and bonded and are CLIA approved to conduct COVID-19 testing and COVID-19-related services.

  • Private businesses

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Social organizations

  • Independent Healthcare facilities

Special Offer

Giveback Program

Are you a Nonprofit organization hosting a fundraising event? For every PCR Test, we’ll give back $10 to your fundraiser with 50 or more participants.